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How To Use Secret Party Code Lazada Birthday Sale

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Want to join the Lazada Birthday Sale? Dont forget to use the Secret Party Password that you can find the code here. Recently we have same questions regarding how to use the code. So, here it is the guide to use the secret code. All you need is to do it fast as the code is very limited.

  1. Be sure to have an account at Lazada PH and log in use your account
  2. Add you wishlist item to the cart, find best price for your wishlist item here.
  3. When the time has come March 21-23 start 00.00 AM, checkout immediately.
  4. Copy and apply this voucher code Secret Party Password as described here.

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  • If the voucher code still available, the amount of money you should pay will be reduced by voucher code.
  • Click OK and choose way of payment.
  • Right after done your transaction, be sure to pay your order as soon as possible. As the product will only be delivered to customer who pay first

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Note :

If you wish to shop using Lazada PH Mobile Apps, please see the code here.

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Rules of this Voucher Code :

  • Vouchers General Terms and Conditions:
  • To the extent permitted by law, vouchers that remain unused after the specified usage period will lapse. Such vouchers cannot be i) renewed for a further period; ii) the Participant cannot claim any refund of the amount unused in the said vouchers or iii) exchange vouchers or for cashVoucher is applicable for single use only and cannot be combined with other codes or promotions.

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