Top Home Appliances Deals at Lazada Birthday Sale!

Shop for new home appliances deals now on Lazada Birthday Sale, you wont regret. From air conditioner, air cooler, refrigerator to microwave, blender and many more. They will touch low price from March 21 -23. Here are the lists

Product NamePriceSale Price
XZY Double Thread Sewing Machine with Foot Pedal and Adapter(White-Lavender)BUY 1TAKE 11199.00994.00
2-Speed Mini Electric Sewing Machine Kit (White/Lavender) Buy 1 Take 12598.00995.00
Pressure Cooker2200.001009.00
Standard SPC 4QC 4 Quarts Pressure Cooker (Silver)1300.001049.00
OH 200W-500W Portable Room Floor Upright or Flat Electric Fan Heater Hot & Cold White2129.401064.70
XZY- JK-8 1000W Power Vacuum Cleaner (Gray) with Extension Wire Cord with USB Socket 180CM Length (Yellow)1999.001099.00
Air Pleasure Revitalisor Purifier (Dark Green)Set of 2 with FREE Aroma Scent Oil 15ml Set of 31116.001099.00
Imarflex IMX-250 Portable Hand Mixer1100.001100.00
GZU ZM - D2 Instant Electric Indoor Tankless Water Heater for Kitchen Bathroom2266.441133.22
D&D 1.5L Ultrasonic Air Humidifier with LED Light Changing2437.001199.00
JK-8 1000W Vacuum Cleaner Air Circular System (Silver) with J&J Foldable Non-Woven Fabric Cube with Three Drawers Design (Pink)3200.001199.00
Nikon Tough Mama NTM-IC3 Ceramic Induction Cooker (Black) w/ FREE Induction Stainless Pot1599.001199.00
JK-8 1000W Vacuum Cleaner Air Circular System (Silver) with J&J Foldable Non-Woven Fabric Cube with Three Drawers Design (Blue)3200.001199.00
Shake 'n Go Smoothie Maker Set of 22899.001199.00
Samwon 16" Orbit Fan Sof-161799.001199.00
JK-8 1000W Vacuum Cleaner Air Circular System (Silver) with J&J Foldable Non-Woven Fabric Cube with Three Drawers Design (Maroon)3200.001199.00
Imarflex IRC-15K Rice Cooker 1.5L (White)1200.001200.00
Microbishi MPJ-2.5LS/MKW-4210 Koii Power Juicer (Black)2999.001289.00
4 Layer Chocolate Fountain Large-(Silver/Stainless)2999.001292.73
Standard SJB 1.5L Blender (White)2499.951299.99
5 in 1 Ultrasonic Humidifier Aroma Oil Diffuser Air Purifier 1.5L - Intl2213.001328.00
MorganStar 2-in-1 Blender / Juicer (Black)5999.001399.00
Sinbo Juicer High Performance Juice Extractor SJ31394999.001399.00
Koii Power Juicer3999.001462.99
Demotech Food Processor6000.001489.99
Koii Power Juicer (Black)4999.001497.97
Ice Smashing Electric Crusher Machine4999.001498.99
Ice Smashing Electric Crusher Machine (Silver)4999.001499.00
Demotech DMFMS01 Multi-Functional Food Processor And Mixer System (Multicolor)5999.001499.00
Sinbo Juicer SBJ-3018 High Performance Juice Extractor2599.001499.00
GLoden age BIG Koii Power Juicer (Red)3999.001499.00
Imarflex ICM-700s 8-10 Cups Coffee Maker (Black/Stainless)1500.001500.00
King's Koii SK168 Power Juicer (Silver)4999.001599.00
STARK Rice Cooker (Non-stick Inner Pot) HA-088-GHE1599.001599.00
High Quality Superfood Extractor Blender Professional Fruit Mixer Machine Vegetable2500.001599.00
Imarflex IT-900 Oven Toaster 9L (Black/Silver)1600.001600.00
Imarflex IJE-3000 Electric Juicer 1L (White/Blue)1600.001600.00
16" Stand Fan Changli Crown (Blue/White) BUY 1 TAKE 12599.001680.00
New High Quality Super Food Extractor Fruit Juicer2999.001685.00
Grain Corn Mill and Grinder Model ME-1022400.001699.00
Nutribullet Pocket Nutrionist Blender4000.001699.00
XZY Power Blender / Fruit Extractor2999.001699.00
Changli Crown 16" Wall Fan (Sky Blue/White) Buy 1 Take 12599.001699.00
Fukuda FWD-788L Table Top Hot and Normal Water Dispenser (White) Buy 1 Take 11899.001699.00
Denki DGS-208 Gas Stove Double Burner BUY 1 TAKE 12439.001734.00
King's 12 Stitch Double Thread Automatic Pedal Multi Sewing Machine6999.001786.00
Iwata CM14INDC-C3 Induction Cooker with Free Stainless Steel Pot with Glass Cover1795.001795.00
Professional-Style Electric Deep Fryer 1.75L (Stainless Steel)2999.001799.00
Fukuda SF164XS 16" Banana Blade Plastic Stand Fan (Green) Buy 1 Take 12399.001799.00
Marubishi MFF-206 High Velocity Fan "6"1799.001799.00
LHR FHSM-506 Double Thread Automatic Pedal Multi Sewing Machine (White/Blue)2500.001799.00
Vistron Solar Charge Oscillating Fan1950.001950.00
Matrix MX-SW506 Portable Sewing Machine (White/Blue)2499.001999.00
Hanabishi HTTWD-600 Table Top Water Dispenser (White)2016.001999.00
Sew Simple 10-Stitch Sewing Machine 45x132999.002100.00
Hanabishi Turbo Broiler HTB-1302195.002149.00
Denki DSF-18 18" Banana Blade Stand Fan BUY 1 TAKE 13099.002174.00
Denki DISF-18 18" Metal Blade Stand Fan, DOUBLE BURNER GAS STOVE AND ELECTRIC KETTLE5300.002249.00
American Heritage AHCF-ECON 52" Ceiling Fan (Antique)2698.002499.00
Imarflex IMX-300S Stand Mixer (White)2600.002600.00
Iwata CM13EC-03 Evaporative Air-Cooler2695.002695.00
Shop-vac 4L Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner (Yellow)3200.002720.00
ONELINE QS-02 Household Gas Stove3999.002999.00
2L Commercial 3HP Blender Mixer HEAVY DUTY Ice Crusher 2200W (Red) With Kitchen Pressing Food Chopper Cutter Slicer Peeler Dicer Vegetable Onion Garlic (White)3899.002999.00
Lotus LT1828P 10L 2PSI Wet/Dry Vacuum3999.003199.00
LHR FHSM-700 Double Thread Automatic Pedal Multi Sewing Machine (White/Blue)5200.003299.00
LHR FHSM-700 Double Thread Automatic Pedal Multi Sewing Machine (White/Red)5200.003299.00
Heavy Duty Muscle Vacuum Cleaner with Vertical Storage6999.003338.00
Fujidenzo JWS-680 Single Tub Washing Machine 6.8 kg3498.003498.00
STARK Bathroom Electric Water Heater HT-351-FSJ3499.003499.00
Nutri Ninja BL481 1000 Watts Nutrients and Vitamins Extractor / Power Blender with Auto IQ, with Monster 32oz Ninja Cup8999.003598.99
Fujidenzo RHU-601 BL 60 cm Range Hood (Black)3798.003798.00
Joven 2000E/S510 Single Point Water Heater (White)4699.003888.00
EZY ES-66F 1.7 Cu.ft. Refrigerator (Blue)5995.004390.00
Imarflex IV-2050B Multi-cyclone Vacuum Cleaner Bagless 2L4500.004500.00
Matrix MX-MW20PY78-L Microwave Oven 20L4599.004599.00
Fujidenzo 6.0 Kg Eco-Soak Wash Cycle Twin Tub JWT-601 (White)5498.005498.00
Fujidenzo 7.0 Kg Eco-Soak Wash Cycle Twin Tub JWT-701 (White)6198.006198.00
Eureka EWA 0.6HP Window Type Air Conditioner (White)7499.006399.00
Shop Japan NutriBullet9320.006990.00
Imarflex Microwave Oven MOD-TS22D7700.007700.00
Matrix MX-KC1100 1.0HP Window Type Aircon with Remote Control (White)13000.0013000.00
Matrix MX-KF2577 1Hp Split Type Air Conditioner with 3m Copper Tubing (White)16500.0013999.00



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